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Warriors Breaking Bread

We are Veterans of the Military and First Responder Communities whose service continues as peer leaders creating gathering spaces each month meant to encourage grassroots meaningful human connection.


Service Area:
Florida, Washington
Waypoint Vets Inc.

Waypoint Vets is a 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization with the Mission of Uniting and Empowering Veterans through Activities and Adventure.  We facilitate unique opportunities of Camaraderie and Healing for Military Veterans across America at no cost to them.

Waypoint Vets adventures combine mental and physical intensity with the stillness and beauty of nature. Our participants engage in a variety of unique activities and challenges during the day, and evenings are spent reflecting and enjoying camaraderie. We strive to deliver meaningful and lasting experiences that our Veterans can look forward to and reflect upon.

The Heartbeat of Waypoint’s Mission is to Honor our Fallen by Living, and by taking back our Health and Happiness together. On each of our Adventures, Veterans carry customized dog tags engraved with names of those we’ve lost both in war and to the war within.

A Waypoint is where troops come together to reset, refuel, and recharge; enabling them to continue and complete their mission successfully.  That is exactly what we want our outings to deliver by providing camaraderie, adventure, physical challenges, mental empowerment, and lasting clarity.

Our logo symbolizes the top half of a compass – N, NE, NW – because forward is the direction on which we must focus. The circles represent the ripple effect that we hope to initiate through the clarity and healing that our adventures provide.


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We2AreVets 501(c)(3) purpose is to honor, empower, and recognize women veterans as they enter and reintegrate into the civilian workforce. Through our efforts, we will promote the merits of these female service members to civilian employers. To achieve our mission, We2AreVets will collaborate with coaches, mentors, leaders, organizations, and universities, to aid in the successful efforts of women veterans reentering the civilian workforce through inclusion and empowerment opportunities


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Who Ya Know Show

Welcome to the “Who Ya Know”​ Job Networking Show! Today’s employment search is more complex than ever. It is not always what you know but “WHO YA KNOW”​ can make all the difference. Our goal is to leverage relationships and our professional network to open doors, equip you with the best knowledge, resources, support and education available. Each show you will learn from industry experts on a wide range of topics including search techniques, resumes, interview skills, maximizing employee benefits and more. Trevor Houston – Host of the “Who Ya Know” – Job Networking Show, career search volunteer at Frisco Connect and networking expert who helps build a community of leaders by empowering job seekers to find their passion. Using methods such as; hands on social media training, strategies on key elements of job search networking and his out-of-the-box approaches have proven to be successful. Mark Elder – Networking expert who has spent the past 15 years volunteering in many different organizations to give back and making a difference in the community. He is a faithful part of Frisco Connect, has educated, coached and led career seekers individually, conducted job networking workshops, Host of the “Who Ya Know” – Job Networking Show, provided free professional head-shots, and helped organize local job networking events. Foster Williams – Radio Co-Host and The founder of that powers the Career Search Network, with over 31 years of Global Talent Acquisition expertise and management for companies such as IBM, Citigroup and Verizon, Foster leads and facilitates multiple job seeker networking organizations all over the USA.


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