About V2I


V2I was born to fulfill a pressing need for a single-site repository of information providing access to the vast number of Veteran Service Organizations (VSO) and countless other available military resources and benefits.

The V2I all-volunteer team banded together and made it their mission to develop a living library of free resources, organizations, veteran-supportive companies and benefits for Service Members, Veterans and their Families.

V2I has grown to now provide free career tool webinars, and in addition we provide a platform for recruiters and transitioning military/veterans and milspouses to all come together to connect and explore career opportunities.


To become the most comprehensive online information library of free resources, benefits, and services for the military community, their spouses, and their families.


We establish connections, share knowledge, and identify opportunities for veterans and their families.

At V2I, it is all about People First, Veterans and their families Always!

Core Values

Our core values are the foundation of how we will operate as an organization.

Living those values will have a direct correlation to our success, as well as to how we are regarded by our clients, partners and supporters.

Our Core Values are: Honesty, Selfless Service, Discipline, and Integrity.