The Indigo Education Company’s (IEC) AI-enabled solutions offer world-class assessment technology and consulting. They support students, transitioning service members, veterans, military spouses, military dependents, and equity-minded employers.

Indigo’s mission is to empower the intrinsic genius already existing within each individual and to harness each person’s strengths to build high performing teams. Their programs start with the Indigo Assessment. The 45- minute assessment measures behaviors, motivators, skills, social-emotional perceptions, and strengths. A comprehensive report is generated that provides whole-person insights and best-fit pathways toward employment.

Indigo’s approach is different because they use multiple measures of human strength to produce the most accurate and comprehensive report on the market. Their career recommendations include continuing education programs and career options. Their dashboard automatically generates high performing teams. Indigo generates 150 data points per person that can be used for sophisticated predictive analytics and unmatched insights. They have an authenticity, passion, and purpose other companies don’t possess.

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