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A photo of the cover of military transition mistakes veterans make


The most common transition mistakes are discussed in this guidebook along with tactics to avoid and overcome. Every military member should study this ebook prior to their transition. 1. Not starting early enough2. Not taking ownership3. Limited self-awareness4. Not understanding the process5. Not developing a strong network6. Not evaluating all sources of advice7. Too focused…
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A photo of the cover of military to civilian challenges


Transition challenges and specific tactics to overcome are discussed in this guidebook, along with ways employers can assist military members. 1. Loss of Purpose or Meaning2. Loss of Community or Identity3. Loss of Structure4. Language Barriers5. Culture Barriers6. Information Barriers7. Time Concerns8. Family Concerns9. Employment & Financial Concerns10. Limited Self-Reflection11. Reluctance to Ask for Help12.…
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A photo of the cover of Book2: Winning the employment game


Finding your ideal job after the military is a competition. The first step in the process is understanding the rules and how the game is played. This ebook provides the rules and tips to win. PART 1: How to Win – How the game is played – The open and hidden job marketsPART 2: Getting…
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A graphic of the title of the book Truths about the military transition


Ten lessons everyone should be aware of on day-1 of the military. This is an easy-to-read guidebook that delivers useful insights from veterans who’ve gone before you. 1. Everyone will transition2. You are responsible for your own transition3. The process can be stressful and confusing4. Understanding and preparation are essential5. Everyone has a different experience6.…
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A person accepting an offer that was successfully negotiated

Let Me Teach You How to Negotiate Your Offer

Hello Again! So, you were able to write an effective resume, you applied to your dream job, you made it through the interview process, and just now you received a call from the recruiter who extended you a verbal offer! What’s next? This week I will be teaching you how to negotiate your offer if it is necessary. First things…
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A person signing their offer letting and total compensation package

Let Me Teach You About Total Compensation

“What is your desired salary range?” In my experience, this is the #1 most difficult question for veterans to answer. For the last several years your pay has been determined by your rank and years of service, there was no negotiation. It’s hard to determine what you think you are worth once you have a say in…
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frustrated veteran VA paperwork

Understand VA Disability Ratings!

Below are links to resources that will help you better understand VA disability ratings. đź—Ł Your Monthly Reminder About VA Disability❗️ âś… Understand VA disability ratings! 🔸Compensation 101: How did I get this rating? 🔸Compensation 101: What is Disability Compensation? 🔸Compensation 101: What is Service Connection? âś… Understand the Benefits Delivery Discharge…
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Ericka Kelly Biography

Ericka E. Kelly, Founder and CEO Ericka Kelly ENTERPRISES   Ericka E. Kelly is professional speaker, executive coach and trainer. In this position, she is a global professional where her leadership skills are utilized to add value and to develop companies in their effectiveness and production goals. She helps thousands of leaders to become better…
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V2I Newsletter #8

Welcome to the eighth volume of the Vets2Industry newsletter “The Round.” Inside this newsletter, you can expect to read articles from fellow veterans, Vets2Industry volunteers, and industry experts  – during the month of February we honor the enormous achievements and sacrifices of Black Americans throughout time. This newsletter is for you and by you! Please…
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Dr. Paul R. Lawrence

Dr. Paul R. Lawrence has 35 years of experience solving management problems in large, complex organizations. Paul is a successful private sector executive, having been a consulting Partner in two Big Four accounting firms and a Vice President in two Fortune 500 companies. He is deeply knowledgeable of government issues and a thought leader on…
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