Charles Butler

Charles Butler

Charles started his career in the US Army; first in Counterintelligence and investigation and then PSYOPS as an evaluator for the first MOS granting class for that specialty. He was also a Linguist trained in Russian and German. He attained other specialties through crosstraining and OJT.

While serving, he had several side businesses.

After leaving active service, Charles began his business career full-time, taking a position in security training for a local casino. Over the matter of a couple of years, he had been promoted to the level of Promotions Director, also owning some side businesses and being involved in local charities including, mental health, homeless and youth assistance.

Finally, Charles left the corporate world in favor of running his own businesses and real estate investments full-time. He does business in several genres, including AI/Cybersecurity, Accounting, Real Estate and more.

Charles became involved with VETS2INDUSTRY in 2020, where he first volunteered as Marketing Director and was later elected to board membership.