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Allies In Service

llies in Service’s mission was to identify and support veterans who need assistance in the areas of employment, housing, education, and health care. Partnering with veterans, employers and other veteran support organizations, to help educate and enhance the quality of life of all veterans. This page is to recognize the truly outstanding work Vietnam Veteran and former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach gave back to his brothers in arms when he founded Allies in Service to reach out to veterans and the community by leveraging an all-encompassing network of support in the areas of employment, housing, education, and health care. Allies in Service’s vision was that our community of service members, veterans, and their families has access to quality healthcare, education, safe and affordable housing choices, and meaningful employment. The Warrior Mentorship Program connected Dallas-area veterans, service members, and spouses (Pros) with business professionals (Mentors) for a year-long mentorship. Mentors and Pros were paired based on career objectives, background, and professional experience. The goals of the mentorship program were defined between Mentors and Pros through regular discussions and meetings, and a personalized action plan created and implemented to achieve those goals. Pairing Pros with Mentors created a network of support outside the standard channels, enabling the Pro to reach his or her full potential while transitioning into corporate careers. The Warrior Mentorship Program was a competitive program with a limited number of Pro openings, so it is important to complete the application. The application was used to evaluate strength as a candidate as well as assist Allies in Service in finding the best possible Mentor. All Pros participate in a program orientation, mock interview, monthly meetings, and one-on-one mentoring with a designated Mentor. Allies in Service Mentors act as an extra set of eyes and ears for our Pros as they establish career goals, seek professional development opportunities, network, and negotiate employment offers. Any veteran, service member, or their spouse who has honorably served in any branch of service was eligible to apply for the program as a Pro. All of this was made possible with the sponsorship of large national businesses like Microsoft Corp, and local employers providing maintenance and similar services. What they all share is commitment to the cause and the values of the foundation. A full list of sponsors and further information on the future of the program and the organization to follow along with the fresh website shortly, so please stay tuned.


Allies in Service provides employment support and referral services to service members, veterans and their spouses in the DFW area. Assistance is offered in the following areas:

Resume Writing— Translate the military to civilian experience so employers can see the transferable skills that you offer

Mock Interviews— Provide opportunities to practice interviewing with business professionals and employers and to receive valuable and immediate feedback

Career Coaching—Assist in evaluating new career choices and options

Career Leads and Referrals— Provide solid career leads and advocate on your behalf with employers who are military friendly

Mentorship— Accept applications for the opportunity to receive mentoring from executives with a variety of companies in the DFW area through our Warrior Mentorship Program

Veterans can reskill in many different areas, including general property maintenance to things like pest control, and you can find out more information on our typical types of employment partners here.

Assistance in education, housing and healthcare is also provided as needed.

While we are developing our new website and operating model, you can find out some more detailed information directly through our homepage, or the other links on the site.


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PRJKT (Project) VET is a Black, Disabled Veteran-owned company, with a focus on helping veterans in their new ventures after the military. We strive to assist Veterans in making their transition from the military as smooth as possible, by giving them the tools necessary to successfully enter the job market.


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Still Serving Veterans

Our Mission

To serve and honor Veterans and their families by empowering them to build meaningful lives through connections to fulfilling careers, benefits and services; and to proactively strengthen Veteran communities through leadership and collaboration.

Our Core Values
Commitment to Excellence – We provide valued, relevant and tailored services for our clients, partners and communities.

Calling – We serve with passion and commitment. We are called to this significant work.

Teamwork – We are caring, knowledgeable individuals delivering quality services as a team. Everyone contributes to the collective good.

Respect – We honor clients, stakeholders and each other with compassion and dignity.

Stewardship – We are unwavering in the proper handling of the lives, information and resources entrusted to us.

Integrity – We hold honesty, fairness and ethical behavior as non-negotiable.

We can’t fulfill this mission without you! Join us today as we continue to serve Veterans who served us all – many at great cost!


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The Birdwell Foundation for PTSD

To decrease and eliminate veteran and first responder suicide.  By providing a community of support from fellow warriors who have found their way out of the darkness by a healing process they are now prepared and ready to teach and provide to others.


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Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Texas, Washington, Kansas, New Mexico
U.S.VETS Career Development Initiative

The Career Development Initiative (CDI) provides targeted career preparation, job placement assistance and job retention services to veterans with a focus on post-9/11 Iraq and Afghanistan veterans. The program expands veteran employment opportunities by growing the network of employers willing to hire these men and women when they complete their tour of service; identifies veterans’ skill sets so that appropriate career matches can be made; directly connects veterans to private employers; tracks employment for 12 months following placement; and collaborates with other nonprofit providers to achieve the greatest number of veteran placements. CDI is a priority for U.S.VETS as it empowers at-risk veterans to become self-sufficient, reducing the likelihood that they will become homeless.


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