Fullmoon Digital Matches Donations for VETS2INDUSTRY

Fullmoon Digital Matches Donations for VETS2INDUSTRY


On February 24th, 2020 Fullmoon Digital’s Derek Chew decided to contribute donations to VETS2INDUSTRY, a non-profit that assists veterans across America in finding gainful employment, medical and educational benefits, housing resources, and emergency financial assistance.

Founded in December 2018 by Air Force veteran Brian Arrington, it is run entirely by a group of 64 volunteers.  Mr. Chew shows an incredible dedication to supporting veterans of the United States Armed Forces. In one week, he hired not one but two veterans.

Fullmoon Digital is now a company comprised of 25% veterans.  He did this after knowing about VETS2INDUSTRY for only two weeks.  In an attempt to show more support for the military community, he also has agreed to match, dollar for dollar, every donation to VETS2INDUSTRY until Friday, 28 February 2020.

Over 95% of the volunteers at VETS2INDUSTRY are veterans or military spouses themselves, while a small handful are civilians who enjoy giving their time alongside them.  In the past, volunteers have dug into their own pockets to help veterans and their families find shelter for the night, pay their bills, put food on the table, and more.

Every dollar donated goes towards helping veterans at every stage of transition.  Fullmoon Digital is proud to support their community through assisting non-profits with their digital marketing campaigns. The company is excited to be growing and expanding into the world of non-profits.

Mr. Chew says “In the short two weeks of talking to Brian about VETS2INDUSTRY and learning about the value veterans can bring to an organization, I couldn’t help but make a decisive move to hire our first two veterans to help drive Fullmoon’s growth.  I look forward to a deeper collaboration with the veteran community and we’re committed to supporting VETS2INDUSTRY in any capacity we can”. The pack at Fullmoon Digital is all about helping businesses, non-profits, and the community grow


**Article written by Shannon Green of Fullmoon Digital**