Ciro Stefano

Ciro Stefano retired from the US Army after serving 36+ years on Active Duty. He is a former pilot and an Executive leader with global experience in building teams, anticipating requirements, developing effective partnerships, thriving in diverse groups and interests to achieve organizational goals.

Life has been an adventure for Ciro. He was born in Italy and immigrated to the US as a child, not speaking a word of English. He grew up in Maryland but thanks to the Army, he also lived in Germany, Korea, Central America, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and all across the great US of A.

Ciro served with distinction at every level of command in the Army, from the rank of Private to Chief Warrant Officer to Colonel. When he joined the Army, the motto was, “Be all that you can be!” As a member of the V2I team, he desires to help military families achieve their professional goals.

Ciro’s passions are time with family, friends, and his dogs; deepening his faith, continued learning, travel, antiques, automobiles, good coffee, and craft beers. His life goals are simple; to honor his heavenly Father and parents, lead by example, accept constructive criticism, and always have a positive impact on the world.