Bobbi Young

After serving 10 years as an Air Force enlisted member, with over 15 years of Intelligence Analysis experience, Bobbi has translated all her skills to serving the U.S. military community as the Owner and Operator of Inspired Growth Portal –  providing websites, marketing, and online business strategy services for the veteran community.

Soon after joining the military, I was leading training sessions to use technology in accomplishing the mission. It was fun to empower students to quickly figure out what they needed, and how to use technology to accomplish it. I was directly in charge of 35 people – guiding them on day-to-day mission matters. I worked with them to strategically integrate technology to accomplish the overall mission and individual goals.

Being hands-on and teaching people, rather than just doing admin work, gave me visible results. I could see the “Ah Ha!” moments of comprehension as students “got it”. I found I had a skill in translating from techie-speak to normal language, and loved getting the audience or trainees up to speed.

After getting out of the military, I found that I really missed the environment and camaraderie of the military. So I poured myself into creating a business that took my well-honed skillset and uniquely helped the very people I considered family – my fellow veterans.

Veterans, once driven by their missions, often struggle to find purpose and meaning in civilian life. Inspired Growth Portal supports individual veterans by building their businesses. We also support non-profits who are helping veterans find new meaning in a variety of ways.

I’m no longer in the military, but I still want to serve the family I found while in the Air Force. To do that, I give back to the community by building a network of like-minded veterans. Together we’re all stronger and growing our value jointly. Working as a team, we throw our energies into completing the mission of building your business.

10% of all revenue earned by Inspired Growth Portal is donated to the National Veterans Foundation. They provide a Lifeline for Vets – a program focused on preventing veteran suicide.

The core values that I strive to uphold are:

  1. Dedicated to innovation and growth
  2. Iteration is our goal – not “perfection”
  3. Provide quality with a purpose

To learn more, or if you are interested in working with me, please visit Inspired Growth Portal today. I’m looking forward to talking with you!