Live Mentor Session for Veterans

Live Mentor Session for Veterans


This Keeps Growing…

As many of you know, I founded the first online Veteran Resource Library here at 4 weeks ago. Last night I conducted my first Facebook Live mentor session to a Facebook group centered around vets mentoring vets. I was asked by the administrators if I would conduct a mentoring session for the 12.8K service-members in the group and I happily agreed.

And It’s Amazing!

The topic I chose was on the Veteran Service Organizations that provide FREE services and support for Veterans and Dependents and the Free Resources and benefits that are also available to them.

The 64-minute mentor session was a resounding success and I’ve received a lot of happy responses and vows to share. Fair warning if you watch…I am very passionate about veteran education and mentorship so you will hear a lot of truth from my viewpoint.

Some of the organizations and benefits such as Fourblock, VETSTONE, and Student Veterans of America were brought up towards the end of the video after I did my summary. Just FYI!

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With all that, click here for the first mentor session!