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Armed Services YMCA

The Armed Services YMCA enhances the lives of military members and their families in spirit, mind and body through programs relevant to the unique challenges of military life.

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Service Area:
Arizona, Alaska, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky
Veterans for All Voters

Their missions is to fight for all voters to be able to participate in elections that matter, ensuring voters have real choices at the ballot and are not forced to vote for the “lesser of the two evils” and inspiring military veterans to lead this movement to make our government functional, responsive, and representative. The idea is to inspire and educate VETERANS to mobilize and advocate for election innovations that will help repair America’s political system and congress.



Service Area:
Warrior Rising

Warrior Rising empowers U.S. military veterans and their immediate family members by providing them opportunities to create sustainable businesses, perpetuate the hiring of fellow U.S. military veterans, and earn their future.

Salt Lake City, Utah Valley, Park City, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Napa, Seattle, San Francisco, Austin, and Las Vegas.


Service Area: