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HickStrong Inc.
​We are the Hicks family: Michael, Jolee, Macoy and Sienna. We have always stood strong together…HicksStrong! With one child in the Navy and the other in college, things were looking up.
​On February 11th, 2019 we received the call that would forever change our lives. The person on the other end said “Mr and Mrs. Hicks your son was found dead this morning”. Our hearts were shattered that day. We do not want other families to know this pain. We do not want our service members to feel alone…EVER!
We are here to help!

  • There is an overwhelming stigma, across all branches, regarding mental health in the military.
  • Service members feel they cannot talk about their mental health difficulties without losing rank or being dishonorably discharged.
  • They are being told to suck it up, being mistreated by their chain of command and being mocked by peers.
​These are huge factors contributing to why our service members will not seek help with their anxiety, depression, PTSD and suicidal ideation.
​This is not only unfair and wrong; it needs to stop.
​Our goal is to connect service members with therapists via telehealth so they can truly receive confidential support no matter where they are.
​​We are driven to change the military suicide epidemic by removing the red tape and shortening the gap between service members and therapist. Let us help you find a healthy outlet for dealing with your struggles.
​Together we can help stop the military service members suicide epidemic and eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health in the military.


Service Area:
Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA)

IAVA’s mission is to connect, unite, and empower post-9/11 veterans.

Our Core Values
Mission First
Integrity Always
Everyone Is Welcome
Respect Must Be Paid
Lead in Service
Attitude + Effort = Victory
Make the Juice Worth the Squeeze
We Are the Changemakers
Keep It Fun (Don’t Be an Asshole)
Think of the Children
Win the Day

Quick Reaction Force – A concierge veteran empowerment program helping veterans navigate an often complex road map to quality free services.

The Vote Hub – Voting is important! Regardless of political views, it is your duty to vote. The Vote Hub is a resource to help you find registration information for your state and your local polling location.

Advocacy – IAVA fights and wins battles for the post 9/11 generation of veterans. IAVA gets results. Our members tell us what’s important, and we engage policy makers and the media to bring about positive change.

Big 6 – IAVA’s members have identified 6 priority issues that matter most to them (combat suicide, burn pits & toxic exposures, modernize VA, women veterans, alternative therapies, and education benefits)

Take Action – IAVA cannot do our work without your help. Please let your representatives know how important these issues are to you and to the veteran community.

Policy Agenda – IAVA has recommended specific policy priorities to address the issues that matter most to post-9/11 veterans.


Service Area:
Military Veteran Project


Prevention of military suicide through research and treatment.


The Military Veteran Project’s mission to prevent military suicide through treatments and research not accessible or available by the Department of Defense or Veterans Affairs, veterans can come home after war to serve their communities, so that their shared legacy will be one of action and service. We bridge this gap between a Veteran’s service and a healthy civilian life by training them how to return home after war..

We understand that returning service-members want and need to continue a life filled with purpose outside of the military. Through the generous and thoughtful donations, we invest those funds into treatment facilities and research. The chosen facilities that we closely partner with have years of proven experience to provide sustainable, community-invested concierge medical attention to Veteranss all around the world.


Our work is fueled by a deep belief that our Veteran’s are assets to our communities, whose compassion, integrity, leaderships skills and hard work ethic is needed now more than ever before. Through the Military Veteran Project, we have funded treatments and research in 27 cities nationwide and 4 countries around the globe – in America, Europe, Germany and Australia. Post-service suicide, improper diagnosis, lack of adequate medical care, family integration/education and strong partner organizations are all factors of the growing need for programs provided by MVP and our funded partners. We focus on providing Veterans with the quality care and attention they need and we feel they deserve.

We also partner with corporations, foundations, and other nonprofit organizations to plan and execute veteran-led service projects nationwide. We believe all Veterans have the capacity to lead and unite both Veterans and civilians in service to our local communities.


A life was forever changed for Melissa, a military spouse who received a phone call that her husband SSG Jamie Jarboe was wounded by a snipers bullet in Afghanistan.  Jamie fought for his life after being paralyzed from the chest down from a sniper’s bullet.  Being bedside to her husband, Melissa saw first hand how budget cuts, short staffed facilities and how post traumatic stress disorder took its toll on their hero and family.  Melissa started researching medical diagnoses, treatments and alternative therapies for her husband—then started the movement #22ADAY to bring awareness to issues and concerns of hundreds of other families facing struggles. “SGT Jamie Jarboe and his wife Melissa is a Story of True Love, Devotion and Faith. Jamie was assigned to a Troop, 4th Squadron, 4th Cavalry Regiment out of Fort Riley, KS, working for Task Force Spartan when he was shot in the neck on April 10, 2011. His and Melissa’s Strength and Love is Incredible.”
– Christopher K. Greca
…..And this story is far from over.
With each passing milestone, human lives—the lives of veterans—are being dramatically improved through the support of the Military Veteran Project. The continued momentum of this effort relies on volunteers and has everything to do with one very small but powerful word. You.

Discover how you can help write the next chapter by joining the Military Veteran Prjoect.


Service Area:
Purpose Built Families

Purpose Built Families Foundation is a nationally accredited nonprofit delivering preventative and reparative services to overcome foundational barriers to the quest for “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” 

Reparative services are delivered through (1) the agency’s Operation Sacred Trust (“OST”) collaboration disrupting and ending homelessness for thousands of Veterans and (2) Practical Application of Intimate Relationship Skills(“PAIRS”) classes offered nationwide under the “PAIRS Essentials” and “Warrior to Soul Mate” brands helping couples overcome marital instability. 

Preventive services are delivered to youth and adults – empowering interpersonal relationship competence through a triad of practical, usable skills to improve communication, conflict resolution, emotional understanding and connection.

The Goal is Bonding
Purpose Built Families Foundation’s approach is built on fundamental skills and concepts underscored throughout the Practical Application of Intimate Relationship Skills program, widely known as PAIRS.
People who master the art of war, medicine, law, science, business, and many other noteworthy endeavors typically draw on those same competencies for different missions in life — because that’s what they know.
Over the past half century, fewer and fewer Americans have grown up in families that provided a model for the lives we seek for ourselves and those we love. How would we know how to nurture a stable, healthy relationship between peers, successfully parent children, or sustain feelings of love through life’s natural challenges and transitions if we’ve never seen that happen?
Rarely are the issues that lead to family fragmentation about core values or differences. More often, decisions that have painful, generational consequences for self and loved ones are rooted in an awkward truth: we don’t know what we don’t know.


Service Area:
The Fire Watch


The Fire Watch is Florida’s fight to end veteran suicide. We are uniting our War Fighters and allies to swiftly activate local assets, stand watch, and build a life-saving network. To date, no city, county, or state has systemically reduced its veteran suicide rate. This effort is the first of its kind in the country.


Veteran suicide is a growing crisis. At least 20 U.S. veterans are taking their lives every day. To date, solutions to prevent suicide have been inadequate at best. In particular, federal solutions have had little to no effect on the crisis on the ground here in Florida. Given that Florida is home to over 1.5 million veterans, the need and the challenge are evident.


Based upon the success and experience of Florida’s non-profit K9s For Warriors, the nation’s largest provider of service dogs to disabled American veterans in preventing veteran suicide, The Fire Watch recreates on a regional scale the support system and inter-connectivity required to keep our veterans safe from taking their own lives.


The Fire Watch combats veteran suicide in two ways. First, we coordinate local resources with our many veteran service partners to assist veterans in crisis. Second, we are mobilizing a Watch Stander network of 10,000+ community members to learn to identify the risk signs of veterans in crisis and to direct those veterans to the help and resources they need. Our goal is to ensure our War Fighters never slip into crisis at all.


Service Area:
Victory for Veterans

Our Mission – Restoring Hope

Our mission is to reduce suicide among our warriors: our Veterans, First Responders and Care Givers!

​Like us all, Veterans, First Responders and Care Givers need a helping hand now and then and we help these men and women through Healing and Support.

Check out our flagship Warriors For Life Virtual Community Support Group and our Wellness Center initiative under way!

Non-profit (501c3), public foundation to serve Veterans by reducing suicides, homelessness, joblessness, and effects of PTSD and other emotional struggles and disabilities.

We reduce suicides by providing Employment opportunities. Lack of employment accounts for up to 20% of suicides. We are working on Health and Housing initiatives as well, so please check back often to learn more and see how you can help out.

Also, check out our events (motorcycle) at :


Service Area:
Warriors Breaking Bread

We are Veterans of the Military and First Responder Communities whose service continues as peer leaders creating gathering spaces each month meant to encourage grassroots meaningful human connection.


Service Area:
Florida, Washington