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Carrfour Supportive Housing

In the early 1990’s, a group of leaders from both the public and private sectors became concerned over the growing number of homeless individuals in need of permanent stable housing. These concerns precipitated the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce to form a Homeless Committee with the purpose of finding solutions to a potential growing problem.

The Homeless Committee sought to create a more permanent solution to addressing homelessness and to prevent the repeat cycle of becoming homeless. It decided then to create a nonprofit entity whose mission was to provide both permanent housing and supportive services to help the formerly homeless to successfully reintegrate into society by helping them achieve their full potential.

In 1993, Carrfour, whose name means “Crossroads” in French, was founded by the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce to undertake the development and management of affordable housing, providing residents with a range of supportive services to help achieve self-sufficiency and minimize their chances of being homeless again.

Since 1993, Carrfour Supportive Housing – in collaboration with various nonprofit organizations and for-profit developers – remains the leading provider of supportive housing in Florida, assembling over $200 million of financing, tax credits and subsidies to develop and manage thousands of affordable housing units across Miami-Dade County, serving over 10,000 men, women and children since its founding.

Mission & Vision
Carrfour’s mission is to confront homelessness by developing affordable housing and providing supportive services as a pathway to self-sufficiency. We are guided by a vision where everyone has safe and decent housing and is self-reliant.

Core Values
– Homelessness is unacceptable.
– Everyone has the right to respect, dignity, and compassion.
– We believe that we can achieve more when we work in partnership and in collaboration.
– We are ethical and accountable in our decision-making; we are transparent and honest in our
– We promote an environment that allows us to create and embrace new ideas.
– We foster self-respect and self-reliance.


Service Area:
National Veterans Homeless Support (NVHS)
To Eliminate Homelessness among Veterans in Central Florida

When we were first founded in 2008, there were approximately 1,800 homeless veterans living in Brevard County. As of January 2018’s Bi-Annual Point in Time Count, Brevard’s population had been reduced to less than 300, an amazing 88% reduction! While we are very proud of the work we have accomplished, we still have a ways to go before we can say mission complete. According to the US Census Bureau there are 4,400 veterans in Brevard County that are in poverty, and so to reach mission complete we have to get all of the homeless housed while at the same time keep the at-risk in their homes.

What makes us truly unique is the fact that we tackle homelessness directly where it exists…on the streets of our community. We proactively go out to find our clients through street level outreach where they live, provide basic needs to ensure their survival and build rapport, and connect them to any organization that offers a service beneficial to them, rapidly moving from homeless to housed.

While being successful at your primary purpose as an organization is the most important factor, it is just as important to be fiscally responsible. That is why we are so proud of our 91% program service ratio for 2021, as well as our continuous Gold Star rating on GuideStar, the trusted leader in non-profit accountability.

To find out more about our programs and the difference we make on a daily basis, read our blog , visit our programs page, or contact us directly.

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Service Area:
Project Ropa

Our Mission
Project Ropa is a nonprofit organization restoring dignity and empowering the lives of people experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles by providing clean clothes, hygiene essentials, and employment opportunities while reducing textile waste and minimizing our carbon footprint.

About Us
Project Ropa is the only nonprofit organization of its kind in Los Angeles: our mission is to restore dignity and empower the lives of people experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles by providing clean clothes, hygiene essentials, and employment opportunities while reducing textile waste and minimizing our carbon footprint.

Our retrofitted van, functioning as a mobile walk-in closet, carries hope as well as a full selection of clothes, shoes, accessories and hygiene products.

To further our mission and help break the cycle of homelessness, we provide transitional job opportunities to people with barriers to employment, including homeless and previously incarcerated individuals.


Service Area:
Purpose Built Families

Purpose Built Families Foundation is a nationally accredited nonprofit delivering preventative and reparative services to overcome foundational barriers to the quest for “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” 

Reparative services are delivered through (1) the agency’s Operation Sacred Trust (“OST”) collaboration disrupting and ending homelessness for thousands of Veterans and (2) Practical Application of Intimate Relationship Skills(“PAIRS”) classes offered nationwide under the “PAIRS Essentials” and “Warrior to Soul Mate” brands helping couples overcome marital instability. 

Preventive services are delivered to youth and adults – empowering interpersonal relationship competence through a triad of practical, usable skills to improve communication, conflict resolution, emotional understanding and connection.

The Goal is Bonding
Purpose Built Families Foundation’s approach is built on fundamental skills and concepts underscored throughout the Practical Application of Intimate Relationship Skills program, widely known as PAIRS.
People who master the art of war, medicine, law, science, business, and many other noteworthy endeavors typically draw on those same competencies for different missions in life — because that’s what they know.
Over the past half century, fewer and fewer Americans have grown up in families that provided a model for the lives we seek for ourselves and those we love. How would we know how to nurture a stable, healthy relationship between peers, successfully parent children, or sustain feelings of love through life’s natural challenges and transitions if we’ve never seen that happen?
Rarely are the issues that lead to family fragmentation about core values or differences. More often, decisions that have painful, generational consequences for self and loved ones are rooted in an awkward truth: we don’t know what we don’t know.


Service Area:
Sub Zero Mission

The Sub Zero Mission helps homeless stay warm during the winter in northeast Ohio and other regions, with special focus on veterans. The Sub Zero Mission helps homeless stay warm during the winter months in northeast Ohio and other regions. We deliver hats, coats, boots, gloves, sleeping bags and other warming items from December through March.


Service Area:
Veterans Community Project
our mission.

Veterans Community Project is dedicated to supporting every man and woman who took the oath for our country. We are determined to make a difference in the lives of homeless Veterans, a task accomplished by the community for the community.

about us.

Veterans Community Project is a 501(c)(3) organization founded by a group of combat veterans in Kansas City, Missouri who resolved to stand in the gaps of a broken system that left too many of their brothers and sisters behind.

VCP’s solution to provide critical support services is two-fold:

  1. The Veteran Outreach Center: A walk-in center to serve as a one-stop-shop for every type of veteran facing every type of problem. Regardless of time in service, discharge status, or any other traditional qualifier, VCP is ready to help. Our staff assists Veterans with navigating the VA and their benefits, identification services, mental and physical health referrals, financial counseling, and employment supports among other services. In addition, Veterans can receive hygiene kits and utilize a food pantry. All services are free of charge – all that we care about is whether you’ve ever taken the oath to defend the Constitution.

  2.  VCP Village: Built by Veterans for Veterans, VCP Village is a planned tiny home community designed to get homeless Veterans off the street and transition them to permanent housing. In contrast to traditional homeless services, a tiny home provides the Veteran with privacy, a sense of security, and the ability to reintegrate at a comfortable pace. Comprehensive Veteran support services are facilitated through an onsite community center that provides the Veterans with mentoring, case management, counseling, and linkage to other programs and services.

National Expansion.

VCP has a long-term goal of eliminating Veteran homelessness nationwide. Using Kansas City as the blueprint for achieving similar successes in cities across the United States, Veterans Community Project has officially begun its expansion starting with Longmont, ColoradoSt. Louis, Missouri; and Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

If you are interested in starting a working group to bring VCP to your community, we’d love to hear from you. Please send an email to


VCP – Kansas City

Veterans Navigation Campus – Kansas City

VCP – Longmont

VCP – St. Louis

VCP – Sioux Falls

VCP Oklahoma CIty

VCP MIlwaukee


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