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Veteran-Friendly Companies of 2018

  MilitaryTimes invited companies from across the country to fill out a rigorous, 90-question survey evaluating their culture, recruitment, and policies for veterans service members, and military families. Below is a list of how those veteran-friendly companies racked and stacked – or view the list on MilitaryTimes site for additional information! First Data Corp BAE…
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Notebook with New Year written on one side. Goal, Plan, and Action written on the other. Succulent and a pen are also extremely necessary here.

SMART Goals, Website Dreams, & Strategic Plans

Is your New Year resolution to get your dream job, grow your business, or to accomplish a huge goal? If so – WRITE IT DOWN! It is generally believed that if you write your goal down, you’ll be more likely to follow through with them. In fact, according to a supposed Harvard survey in 1953, out…
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